Custom Services

Dressed Trebles

Big Bait, Big Fish! We all know that there are times when a larger profile will get you the larger fish. Adding a dressed treble will add that attractive pulsing profile. We will custom dress your treble with marabou, flash and other embellishments, hand tied and glitter resin coated to protect from our toothy trophies. We use Mustad hooks, 2x strong in the size and finish of your choosing. Prices depend on hook size and dress chosen ranging from $8.00 to $15. Sorry, we do not dress hooks smaller than size 4.

Color and Pattern Requests

If you see an original S.S. Baits Co. Style you love, but want it in a custom color or pattern, we have got you covered! Color and Pattern requests of our original baits, are NO EXTRA CHARGE! That is correct, they cost the same as the premade baits, there is a 10-14 day wait depending on our custom work load when the order is taken. So get your order in today! It is as easy as contacting us using the contact box at the bottom of this page!

Lure Refinishing

Do you have a favorite lure that needs repair, new paint, or even just a new clear coat? Have a favorite lure that doesn’t come in the pattern you want? We would love to help you out with that. New or old, battered and weathered, we can refinish your lure to trophy fishing status once again! We will order the bait you love, refinish it and ship it back to you. Our refinishing pricing is based on what your needs are, and we would like to know more so that we can best serve those needs. Please contact us using the contact box at the bottom of this page for a quick, reasonable quote for the work you need done. Please provide as much specific information as you can, or simply call us direct at 218-252-2091.

Check out our Instagram for videos and pictures of recent refinishing of some rattle baits.

Below is an example of some Live Target and Rapala Brand lures that we custom refinished according to customer request, they are UV/Glow as our customer was using them for ice fishing:

 Original River Runt Before

 After custom refinish, customer requested belly hook removed as well.