Slim Mouth Popper Orange Chocolate Frog


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This is our standard size popper, a tackle box staple. We put a nice cupped mouth that can really chug some water! The Slim Mouth Popper can be worked slowly with a twitch, twitch pause or quickly by using a “walk the dog” technique. This is a classic lure and a perfect meal for that trophy Largemouth Bass and Pike.
Our Slim Mouth Popper comes ready to fish with 2z strong bronze Mustad treble hooks, and we hand tie our rear trebles with a high quality marabou and other embellishments, adding epoxy to strengthen the tie from toothy trophies.
Each Slim Mouth Popper is made from local Minnesota basswood, hand turned and finished. Out lures are guaranteed to last fish after toothy fish, the kind of lure your grandpa had in his tackle box.


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