Hardwood Spoon Vintage “HAMMS” Red Cap Wenge Wood/ Glow Resin


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Great gift!!!! Custom orders available as well, contact us!

Made from Native and Exotic Hardwoods, most of which we harvest from the Bemidji area. We have chosen popular and local beverage favorites to give you a lure that is ready to fish! This lure will fish deep and trolls well. We use stainless steel hardware, and hand shape our spoons to flutter with weight added concealed behind the cap. Our spoons come ready to fish with a 2x strong Mustad treble hook.

Fish this lure as youwould any classic spoon. We recommend using a heavy swivel and leader with the lure. Our lures are guaranteed to last and be durable, the kind of lure your grandpa hand in his tackle box.

All our Spoons come in a handcrafted raw wood box.


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