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We are the Stennes Sisters, Erica and Shanna.

Thank you for checking out our company, S. S. Baits Co. 

We have lived in the MN North woods our entire lives. Growing up in a rural area, on a lake, ensured plenty of time on the water. As children many of our summer days were spent preening and modifying our tackle to better catch the elusive monsters of the lake. As adults we developed and expanded our skills to create one-of-a-kind lures that the fish can not resist.

Family fishing traditions are a priority in our family. (From top to bottom) Our dad Gary with a fish he fell in the lake to retrieve. Next our Grandma Stennes and Uncle Paul show off a nice string of pike. Grandma was a real pike slayer, our great cousin Kenneth posed in the old Nevis, MN sport shop with Grandmas catch. And on the end is our wonderful and lovely mom bragging up her own whopper of a catch.

We work from our shop at our home in Bemidji MN. We use traditional, woodworking lure craft with new finishing techniques. We begin with raw wood and create our lures using the highest quality materials and durable processes. We treat our woods to increase durability and resilience to ensure your bait will last fish after toothy fish. Our goal is to create a lure that you will pass on for generations, a bait like your grandfather used to rely on. We use a variety of mediums to finish our lures and floats, creating unique results, that we guarantee the fish have never seen before. We have created a core group of bait styles to choose from, or we can custom create the style, size, action and finish that you want, we are happy to help make your bait dreams a reality. Guaranteed.

 Grandpa Sylfest with our Dad Gary at the Bow, Aunt Carol Mae in her fishing hat, and Uncle Kent learning to wet a line. Northern MN 1950’s

Uncle John, Grandma Stennes and Grandpa Ahles put a hurtin on the water this sunny afternoon!

Our Mission Statement

S.S. Baits Co. is a family owned company, striving to create custom lures and lure finishing services. Allowing anglers access to the lures that give them the confidence they need to catch the trophies they target. This is accomplished thorough durable processes, quality materials and a direct focus on customer satisfaction via communication and  our commitment to integrity; creating a quality lure that can be enjoyed for generations of anglers.


We make lures because it is our passion, we sell lures because trophy fishing is yours.

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