Custom Hardwood Spoons


Please check out our ready to fish Hardwood spoons that we created, ready to order today!

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We make our custom hardwood spoons from exotic and local native hardwoods. You choose the beverage cap, in most cases we will have an awesome variety of your favorites, if we do not, you may send yours or we will hunt for it! Spoons can also be customized with lettering via stenciling, free hand writing, and stamping!

Check out this awesome Custom Vikings/Grain Belt spoon we created!

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We add weight under the cap, which gives our spoons the traditional deep water fluttering spoon you can rely on.

Fully functional action, fully awesome custom lure! Our spoons are sold in a handmade raw Basswood box. 


Native and Exotic Hardwoods $30

Resin Inlay or Personalization $40

Vintage HAMMS Cap $50

A  feathered dressed treble can also be added for an additional $10-12 in unlimited color combinations.

Custom Hardwood spoon, with hand dressed treble

Awesome gift for many occasions!

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Glow resin was added to this awesome Newcastle Ale Spoon
We inlayed 24k Gold into this Alaskan Brewery Ebony Wood Spoon

Bloodwood Exotic Hardwood, with a Bells Brewery, Lager of the Lakes cap

We used the same American Oak in this spoon that Jack Daniels has used in their barrels for over 150 years.

Huge variety of vintage, popular and hard to find caps available!