S.S. Baits Co.

Stennes Sisters Bait Company 

 We are low in stock for our website due to demand of our handmade wooden lures! We are working hard to fill orders, stock our website and build inventory for our upcoming show season! Thank you for all the support and interest in our small batch company!

We are opening our season a little early! We have been invited to attend the WI Fishing Expo at the Allient Energy Center on February 23,24 &25! This is our first large Expo, being the largest in the MIdWest!!! We hope to see you there! 

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We welcome you to join us March 24th at the Union Depot in St. Paul for Lowertown Pop, a handmade makers event. This is a crowd-funding event showcasing and supporting MN Makers!

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 Come see us at the HAMMS Event in April! All day Saturday the 28th. This is a second crowd-funding event showcasing and supporting MN Makers in the beautiful City House in St.Paul, MN.

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More events to be added for Spring and Summer 2018!

Please check back soon!


S.S. Baits Co. Exclusively uses only Mustad treble hooks.




We use natural and sustainable corks to protect both the lure body and your body from the trebles.

Check out WIDGET.COM for all your corking needs!